Inspired by the equestrian structures surrounding Sisters, OR, the stunning Rustic Midnight greenhouses by NW Green Panels will transport you to a gardener's paradise.



  • Rustic Dutch Door
  • French Window
  • Auto-Rise Ridgeline Vent
  • 18" Modular Benches
  • 13" Modular Shelves
  • 2'x4' Center Island
  • Rustic Midnight 2-Tone Stain Finish
  • Craftsman Style Finish Moldings and Trim
  • Rustic Midnight Wainscoting
  • 8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate
  • 2x4 Cedar Construction



Rustic Midnight Greenhouse

  • A proper base or foundation is required for your greenhouse to be covered by NW GREEN PANELS, LLC 10 Year Limited Warranty. A proper base or foundation means:

    • The build site is LEVEL.
    • The build site is SQUARE.
    • The build site is adequate DIMENSIONS to support your structure safely.

    The CLIENT is responsible for paying the final shipping costs. You will be notified via E-Mail of the final shipping cost, and the greenhouse will not ship until the final payment for both the greenhouse and shipping is paid.

    Someone Must Be Present for delivery. The CLIENT or someone else authorized must be present to unload the shipment. The exact delivery date will be arranged via phone by the freight company.

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