Lean2 greenhouses are a great way to utilize the thermal mass of your home or existing outbuilding to create the optimum environment for your plants.


Lean2 greenhouses are always customized to the specific dimensions of your space.  For pricing round up to the nearest 4' dimension in any of

NW Green Panels full sized or Chalet models.  

Like all NW Green Panels greenhouses, Lean2 models include delivery and basic installation*.

However, an additional step in connecting your structure to the existing building is required.


Please contact NW Green Panels to discuss your situation and how to coordinate this process with us or your preferred contractor.                          * OR,WA only





For general pricing please explore the different greenhouse model pages to decide what product package works best for you then round up to the nearest 4' dimension in the style you've chosen.

Next, call NW Green Panels to discuss your situation and get a ballpark estimate for attaching your Lean2 structure to your existing building.

The Greenhouse That Grows With You. 

Terrebonne, OR


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