1. Base Prepped
9:35 am

The beautiful foundation you see here was prepared by the client, an actively retired airport engineer.

2. Organize Your Toolbelt
9:55 am

Greenhouse components and tools are offloaded and organized near the build site.

Delivery and Installation of Your New Greenhouse
Salem, OR - Saturday, November 9th, 2013
Here we install an 8' x 12' Rustic Midnight Premium Greenhouse on an overcast autumn day in Oregon.
Components of the greenhouse we call "panels" are assembled on site and are portable enough to take through doorways, narrow walkways, pre-landscaped and otherwise difficult to access locations.
Modularity is a cornerstone of our design allowing for future expansion of your greenhouse and its accessories as well as portability in case of a move.
Premium level greenhouses such as this one with a wrap wainscot and finish package are able to be installed in half a day. Standard Lifestyle greenhouses are typically done in just a couple hours, while our Chalet style unit can be up and running in less than an hour.
To learn more about options for preparing a foundaion for your new greenhouse, including DIY, hiring a contractor, and available NW Green Panels bases please *click here*
3. Begin Setup
10:04 am

After determining exact structure position, the first corner is erected.

4. Halfway There
10:31 am

Each panel is carefully lined up, clamped into place and bolted together.

5. Body Complete
10:54 am

Typically the body of the structure is completely assembled in less than an hour.

6. Wainscot & Trusses
11:49 am

Gable panels & trusses are attached while wainscot panels are set into position.

7. Moldings & Roof
1:42 pm

As the roof is aligned and fixed into place, the "Rustic Midnight" is dressed with decorative moldings.

8. Cap & Vent Installation
2:20 pm

Our unique ridgline vent is raised into place and attached to hoist mechanisms which will auto-ventilate your greenhouse using solar power.

9. Your New Greenhouse
3:03 pm


After setting up the cantilevered benches, shelves and octagonal island your new greenhouse is ready to be enjoyed!

The Greenhouse That Grows With You.