Our auto-rise ridgeline really is unique and amazing.  You'll be impressed the first time you see the entire peak of your greenhouse raise all on its own to eliminate excess heat and drop back down once it's cooled off. 


NW Green Panels is proud to include this effective, automatic ventilation system standard on all of our greenhouses.





   *  Opens & Closes Automatically

   *  No Electricity or Hand Cranking Required

   *  Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck

   *  2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty





Ventilation System





Our matching Incense Cedar Benches and Shelves are beautifully crafted to provide a sturdy place to work and display your plants.


All NW Green Panels greenhouses come with Benches included at no additional cost.  Custom configurations, sizes and materials are also available.




  • 18"D x 48"W Modular Benches

    • Cantilevered - Supports 150lbs

  • 13"D x 48"W Modular Shelves

    • Cantilevered - Supports 100lbs​



Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate glazing comes standard on all NW Green Panels greenhouses. We have our own specifically designed polycarbonate that is stronger and more rigid than our competition. This polycarbonate has great light transmission & diffusion, while also offering amazing insulation. 



   *  Clear 8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

   *  Virtually Indestructible

   *  10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty



Looking for Polycarbonate?

Order NW Green Panels Poly for Your Next Project

Cleaning Instructions

Rinse sheet with lukewarm water {below 60°C/140°F}. Wash with mild soap or mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Gently wash to loosen remaining dirt and grime. Don’t scrub or use brushes or rough fiber. Never scrape sheet with squeegees, razor blades or other sharp instruments. Dry with soft cloth to prevent water spotting. To remove grease, wet paint, or stickers; rub gently with a soft cloth wetted thoroughly in anhydrous ethyl alcohol, VM&P, naphtha, or kerosene.


Locking, Center Mount

Dutch Door


Always a favorite, all full size greenhouses by NW Green Panels come with 36"W x 80"T dutch door, hand-crafted in-house.


Also available with custom vanity plate, lever handle and heavy-duty design upgrade.



                 *  Opening Window.

                 *  Solid Cedar Design.


Want a Different Door?

French Doors, Sliding Doors, Larger Sizes


Choice of

Finish Color

Cabot's Australian Timber Oil

Each piece of framing material is stained all the way around before assembly for maximum protection in any environment.


Choose from Jarrah Brown, Charcoal, Mahogany Flame, Driftwood Grey, or Natural.  Custom stains, paints and other finishes also available upon request.





   *  Cabot's Australian Timber Oil

   *  Your Choice of Color

   *  Easy Touch-Up Maintenance

   *  Weather's Beautifully



Jarrah Brown


Mahogany Flame



*Panel design not available

Driftwood Grey

Cathedral French Window


Whether you want to capture that breathtaking view, or provide a little extra cross ventilation, French Windows are a great way to bring your structure to life.




   *  30"T x 45"W Opening

   *  Provides Extra Ventilation

   *  Custom Sizes Available

   *  Also Available in Glass



Drop In Sink

Whether you a watering, potting or cleaning, having a Drop-In Sink while working in your greenhouse is a convenience that cannot be overstated.





   *  Dry or Wet Potting Basin

   *  Removable for Easy Clean Up

   *  Galvanized Custom Basin

   *  Alternative Hardware Available



Bring electricity and water into your greenhouse conveniently with this pass-through panel.  Simply plug the building in with a hose & extension chord and you are ready for moderate electrical use like lights, fans and more. 


The H2O & Electric Access Panel is modular and can replace in any standard wall glaze pane allowing you to select the most convenient location after installation or add this accessory to your existing NW Green Panels greenhouse anytime.





   *  Aesthetic Modular Pass-Through

   *  Dual Plumbing Outlets

   *  Easy Snap-On, Snap-Off Hose Attachment

   *  6 Electrical Outlets



H2O &


Access Panel