Perfect for those on a budget, DIY kit greenhouses are compact versions of our standard structures. high quality building materials make these affordable mini conservatories remarkably durable and attractive. 


Features Include:


  • 8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Glazing

  • Auto-Rise Ventilation System

  • Center Mount Door

  • 100% Cedar Framing

  • Composite screw fasteners 

  • Basic Delivery*

Available Options:

NW Green Panels offers optional accessories to fit your personal needs and design. We also offer completely custom designs and can build you a personal accessory if desired.

  • Cabots Australian timber oil Pre-stain

  • Lower 18" deep benches

  • Wrap exterior Wainscoting

  • Power and Water access panel

  • Interior or exterior Raised beds

  • Center Mount Dutch door

  • Center Mount French Window

  • Custom Dimension door header for a drop door design.


The Greenhouse That Grows With You. 

Terrebonne, OR

(541) 548-4693

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